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A training software for hesitant performers to become more confident on stage.

Practice now. Feel present.

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Limelight puts you on stage and provides the perfect virtual conditions for practicing public speaking or performance skills. Become a fluent presenter, overcome anxiety, attain higher self-confidence, and be a happier person. Are you ready to step into the Limelight?

Limelight VR is Virtual Neuroscience Lab‘s first product aiming to solve public speaking anxiety for hesitant performers. It’s also a great tool for professionals and experienced speakers giving you wide range of tools and environments to choose from.

Giving Speeches

Become a brilliant keynote presenter!

Practice Thesis

Practice presenting your upcoming thesis in VR

Sell More

Become more efficient sales person by more practice.

Engage Voters

Be more prepared for your upcoming political rally.

Most feature rich tool available.

Practice More

Practice more, get better, sell more! System gives you tips for getting even better.

Choose Environment

Choose your venue from three pre-designed environments: stage, classroom or meeting room.

Use Slides

We have integrated the possibility to use Google Slides; getting the timing right is essential.

Time Your Presentation

Set the time of your speech. We have added also a timer so you can see how well you do.

Move Around

HTC Vive’s room scale functionality enables you to move around stage and feel more present.

Use Whiteboard

Practicing for a lecture or sales pitch? No problem, we have integrated feature to use whiteboard!

Select Mood

Be prepared – select the mood for your audience between positive, neutral and negative.

Select Density

Choose how high density of our animated audience you want to have in the room.


Limelight is not just another VR application, but a scientifically researched and mastered product of Virtual Neuroscience Lab. Lab has its roots in early 2015, when a couple of forward-thinking students from the University of Tartu experimental psychology and computational neuroscience labs started collaborating on virtual reality related research. Now the company has developed its first product Limelight VR and explored the use of VR for brain-work training applications.

Be empowered. Personally. Professionally.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our experienced public speaking performance psychologist will guide you through the basics and help you into the best shape for you next performance.

Others Say

  • Walking around the stage and using microphone made me feel amazingly real. Negatively oriented audience was a bit too noisy for me.

    Mark Schmidt
  • Possibility to apply my own google slides is great.

    Peter Mason
  • Awesome, a bit scary (because I truly go anxious on stage), want to try more!

    Kate Rosen

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